Usage Of Diet Pills Can Cause Eating Disorder In Teenage Girls

Usage Of Diet Pills Can Cause Eating Disorder In Teenage Girls

An eating disorder is also a type of mental disorder that is defined by abnormal eating habits that can cause physical and mental damages to a person if it is left untreated.

Usage Of Diet Pills Can Cause Eating Disorder In Teenage Girls

There are different types of eating disorders which include binge eating disorder that is a person eat a large amount in a short period when being anxious or nervous when people have a fear of gaining weight, they either over-exercise or restrict the intake of food, bulimia nervosa, which is nothing but when people eat a lot and they try to get rid of themselves of the food, pica where people eat non-food items.

Some people reduce the eating disorder and keep the weight in check. They exercise, go on diets, get surgeries done, or even take medications. People who take medications or diet pills are causing more damage to their health which can make them moody, starve or even make them feel lost.

As per the recent research which was conducted on teenage girls, they observed that teenagers who take more over-the-counter diet pills and laxatives to lose weight might end up having eating disorders as per the reports of Reinberg Health Day reporter.

As per the new research conducted in the United States of America, it was found that girls who used diet pills to keep up with the weight loss had 258% greater chances of developing eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia within five years.

And if they used the laxatives then they will be at a greater risk of 177% when compared to the people who did not use those products. The lead researchers at Vivienne Hazzard said that we know that these diet pills and laxatives can lead to several disorders and side effects that include liver and kidney damage, so it is necessary that these types of pills have to be restricted for everyone, especially for youth.

In the United States of America, states like California, Massachusetts, and New York are considering banning the sales of over-counter diet pills to minors.

Based on all these studies and the evidence that has been provided, it is said that passing the bills against issuing these diet pills is a no-brainer. The chief of obesity surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York mentioned that banning these drugs and pills, especially for the girls, might make them take a drastic step to get these types of drugs. 

He also mentioned there is abnormal stress or anxiety about weight loss or body shape and also mentioned that the substance that they are taking for the weight loss can be effective for only a short period and for long term effects, one has to follow the traditional methods of exercise and calorie deficit.

He said that if the access to these drugs is restricted, the stress will remain and he said that he is not sure about not expressing that this might be harmful to the body and could damage the body, and consuming the pills is a symptom and not the underlying issue.

The researchers also mentioned that the parents should be alert because they need to warn their children if they are taking these diet pills and laxatives that they might cause eating disorders. They also mentioned that if the parents find out that their kids are taking these diet pills and laxatives, then they have to have a conversion with them to make them aware of the harmful effects of these pills and especially about their child’s body image and the relationship with food. They can also take their children to be evaluated pediatrician and consider having them speak to their child’s body image with a mental health professional.

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