Vaccine Recipients Asked Check For Heart Issues By the US

Vaccine Recipients Asked Check For Heart Issues By the US

The vaccination drive during the covid-19 pandemic has been going through at a great pace in the United States. The vaccination programs originally started with vaccinating the front line workers, and the aged population has now been approved for the general population.

Vaccine Recipients Asked Check For Heart Issues By the US

Everyone starting from age 12 is advised to get jabbed as soon as possible. The two vaccines that are widely being administered in the United States and are approved by FDA and CDC are Pfizer and Moderna. These vaccines are known to have about 90% efficacy against containing the covid-19 infection. 

Vaccine Recipients Asked Check For Heart Issues By the US

With the new SARS Cov2 virus variants emerging on a daily basis, there have been doubts about the efficacy and efficiency of these vaccines. But so far, it has been shown that the vaccines are effective against the new variants such that the cases of hospitalization or emergency health care are reduced. Despite some mild side effects, the US is advising people to go to vaccination centers and get their shots.

In the wake of vaccination programs, US health officials are now also warning against certain side effects of the covid-19 vaccine, especially related to the heart.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked people who have received either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for covid-19 to check for symptoms related to heart enlargement. Many people have reported the issue after some time of getting vaccinated 

The CDC said that the benefits of the vaccines are much pronounced and most needed at the time. These benefits can outweigh some of the mild side effects and symptoms arising after getting the shots. The CDC said in a press conference that people who are reporting cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have shown signs of recovery after proper treatment. They have responded well to the approved treatment options and felt better with proper rest.

The CDC is still recommending people to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 infection as the benefits are far more pronounced than some mild and easily treatable side effects. 

The CDC, however released some warning and guidelines for the vaccine recipients, especially for those who received Pfizer and Moderna. The CDC advises them to watch out for certain symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, feelings that the heart is beating fast, fluttering and pounding in heart. The CDC asked residents to immediately consult their health practitioners if anyone notices any of the mentioned symptoms after their first or second shot of the Covid-19 vaccines. 

As per reports, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also planning to soon add these warning signs to their advisory related to these two vaccines. 

The release was issued by CDC short after the review of the data of myocarditis connected with the two vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna. The agency’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has reviewed the reports and data that was received from the Israeli Health Ministry. 

According to the presentation and reports, the most detailed data was given by Israel on the connection of the two vaccines with the heart enlargement issues. The day after the review was completed by the ACIP, CDC has released the advisory to people to check on their health and heart-related issues after receiving the vaccines. 

The cases of myocarditis are reported among people within a week of receiving the second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. The reports find that about 600 people younger than 30 years of age are found to have myocarditis issues after the vaccination. 

Scientists are saying that this is a minor side effect of mRNA-based vaccines in young people. It is not serious and can be taken care of on time. 

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