Vaccines Driving Covid Cases Downward In The US

Vaccines Driving Covid Cases Downward In The US

The number of vaccine doses administered in the US is currently half than what the country had reported in the last few weeks, according to data from CDC. The US had 14 million doses administered in the week that ended on April 13. However, the country, until the last Monday, had 6.54 million doses of the vaccine administered. On Monday, the country had 471,000 first vaccine doses, which is the lowest since February.

Vaccines Driving Covid Cases Downward In The US

The country requires a total of 70% of its population to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. However, only 44% of the population has received one dose of the vaccine so far. More than one-third of the country’s population is hesitant to the covid vaccine. According to experts, the country does not need herd immunity to see a decline in the covid-19 cases, as 30 to 40 million vaccine doses will be sufficient to see the number falling.

Vaccines Driving Covid Cases Downward In The US

The number of new cases reported in the country each day has reduced to 50,000. This is the lowest that the country has witnessed since October 2020. This dramatic fall in the new cases is an indication of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

However, the constant resistance of the people to vaccines is a matter of concern for the nation. New Hampshire, one of the first dose administration leaders, reported 17,842 doses being administered in the last week. This number is quite low to what the state had reported three weeks ago, 141, 431. South Dakota and Wyoming have reported a similar decline in vaccination. South Dakota saw a fall from 30,347 to 6,621 this week, while Wyoming saw a decline from 12,098 to 2,844. Amidst these states, Hawaii is the only state that has witnessed a rise in its rate of vaccinations.

Despite the reduced demand for vaccination in a few states, the country as a whole is witnessing a decline in the occurrence of new cases. According to a professor of the University of California, Dr. Robert Wachter, a country’s vaccination rate of 50% means the US has less pressure on the transmission of the virus. Moreover, the Americans aged 65 years or more who have received the vaccine are 94% less likely to be hospitalized compared to the non-vaccinated people of their age group.

California, which has 50% of its residents as vaccinated, is now witnessing around 4.3 new cases for every 100,000 people. This is a gradual decrease in the number that the state had reported since the last month. Experts believe that this data of California is a direct implication of the positive impact that vaccines can have even in the heavily populated states.

Similarly, San Francisco has witnessed only six covid-related deaths in April out of a population of 882,000. The state has administered at least one dose of the vaccine to 72% of its population consisting of people aged 16 years and more. Dr. Grant Colfax, who is the director of the Department of Public Health, San Francisco, has attributed the improvement in the occurrence of new cases to vaccinations.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, who is a doctor of infectious disease at the University of California, suggests that it might take community-based approaches to get the remaining American population vaccinated. However, she believes that if the country can get another 60% of the population vaccinated, it will be sufficient to bring the situation under control. 

However, some experts are of the view that the country would require more vaccinated people to reach a satisfactory level of immunity. According to the director of the Vaccine Education Center, Dr. Paul Offit, the US is currently at 50% of immunity that has resulted from vaccination and being affected by the disease. He believes that this percentage of immunity should increase to 80 for the US to feel safe. 

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