Vertigo – Common Symptom With Varied Causes

Vertigo – Common Symptom With Varied Causes

Vertigo can be triggered due to various reasons, and the experts say that first of all, we need to get to the root cause of it. Dr. Mina Le, who is an otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon at Mountain Slide Medical situated in New Jersey, claimed that vertigo could be due to reasons like vestibular migraine, vestibular neuritis, crystal dislodging, Meniere’s disease etc.

Vertigo – Common Symptom With Varied Causes

In a recent news release of Hackensack Meridian health, it was seen that you might be having trouble hearing, or it may seem like you are underwater if your vertigo is on the fluid of the middle ear. It can also cause some serious pain and pressure in the affected ear. The problem usually begins when your head is cold, and the patient should immediately consult a doctor about it.

A physician can look into your ears to confirm if it’s vertigo or not. You will be provided with antibiotics if it’s an acute infection, and if it’s chronic, you can take nasal balloon therapy.

Dizziness for a short period can be due to benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV. If you feel a bit dizzy or feel like your vertigo only lasts for a few seconds when you turn your head or roll, it is because of BPPV. In BPPV, the crystals in your middle ear get dislodged.

This BPPV can be confirmed by a physician from diagnosis with Dix-Hallpike Test. If you are suffering from BPPV, then it can be treated by the method of Epley maneuver, in which the head can be turned side to side in order to place the crystals at the right position or to reset it.

Inconsistent vertigo that can hamper your daily tasks can indicate that you have Meniere’s disease. Meniere’s disease can be distinguished by distinct vertigos for a period that usually comes with vomiting at dizziness which is generally accompanied by a roaring sound that can even lead to hearing loss. The Meniere’s vertigo may last for an hour or, in some cases, even more.

Le said that it could be cured by the reduction of intake of caffeine and switching to a low-salt diet and pills to decompress the affected ear.

Vestibular neuritis can be characterized as the inflammation of the nerve endings of the inner ear of the patient. Vestibular neuritis is an illness that can even hit you to bed with vomiting but can also go away in an hour, and generally, the condition becomes stable in a few days or weeks. This may be caused due to any sort of infections and can be easily cured just by taking a rest and relaxing.

Certain medications can also be very useful to deal with it like meclizine. If the vertigo is not due to any previous issues and lasts for an hour to a week, it is surely a vestibular migraine. The first step to deal with migraine is to look for the cause like stress, anxiety, intake of drugs etc. If it is not enough, medications can be very beneficial to tackle vertigo.

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