WHO Declares, All Approved Vaccines Can Treat All Variants Of COVID-19

WHO Declares, All Approved Vaccines Can Treat All Variants Of COVID-19

On Thursday, the World Health Organization said that medicines licensed for use in the United States and Europe provide immunity against all of the more contagious coronavirus strains believed to be circulating in the world.

WHO Declares, All Approved Vaccines Can Treat All Variants Of COVID-19

According to CBS News, all COVID-19 virus strains can be handled in the same manner by public health and social interventions. All the unidentified versions that have appeared so far have been shown to react to the accepted vaccines.

WHO Declares, All Approved Vaccines Can Treat All Variants Of COVID-19

According to Kluge, health officials worldwide have tracked four variants of the virus since January, including the one that is currently taking India down. According to a new weekly epidemiological update from the World Health Organization, the Indian version, known as B.1.617, has also been observed in 44 different countries, as reported by CBS News.

For the time being, it is stated that all four variants respond to the vaccines that are currently available, according to Kluge. However, the only way to combat this is to accelerate vaccine distribution.

Unidentified versions can also appear and become immune to current vaccines, according to the researchers. The version which first appeared in South Africa could be resistant to certain vaccines in development, and that similar variations are still being investigated by experts, according to CBS News.

Fortunately, preliminary test findings reveal that the Moderna vaccine offers enhanced immunity to virus strains present in South Africa and Brazil. According to CBS News, Pfizer’s original vaccine has been proven to function against the variant originally discovered in the United Kingdom.

If existing medicines fail to protect against any new variants in the future, the WHO claimed that vaccine formulation could be changed to protect against all these variants.

Meanwhile, the announcement that the vaccines are already effective has aided countries all over the world in the beginning to relax some of the social distancing policies, which have been in place for over a year.

States around the country have lifted or relaxed mask mandates in response to recent advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which states that fully vaccinated citizens are no longer required to wear them in certain cases. On the other hand, Kluge cautioned there is no such thing as zero threat and advised people to be careful.

Medicines can be like the light at the end of the tunnel, but it should blind no one. Everybody has been here before. So let’s not repeat the errors made at this same time last year, which culminated in the relapse of COVID-19, according to Kluge.

People who have been fully vaccinated will most likely need a COVID-19 booster shot within the first year, according to the nation’s leading infectious diseases specialist and Pfizer’s CEO this week.

Dr. Fauci told CNN that while it is understood that the vaccine’s effectiveness lasts at least six months, if not much longer, he believes that everyone would almost definitely need a booster within a year or two of receiving the primary shot. Fauci also stated on Wednesday that variant-specific booster shots could be unnecessary.

Instead of trying to play whack-a-mole with each specific version to build a variant-specific booster, he believes that simply boosting against the wild form would result in a strong enough response that they won’t need to think about the different versions. The main strain of the virus is the wild form.

He said that Pfizer would have to wait to see what the US Food and Drug Administration approves and what it advises would be to protect the American people better.

According to medical researchers, coronavirus can become like the flu, requiring a new shot each year because circulating viruses mutate rapidly and immunity drops down rapidly.

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