Yo-yo Dieting Can Affect Sleep Patterns And Cause Sleep Disorder In Women

Yo-yo Dieting Can Affect Sleep Patterns And Cause Sleep Disorder In Women

People nowadays are taking good care of their health because of the increase in the number of people suffering from obesity and overweight problems, which cause heart attacks, strokes, and death. So they are following different methods to keep their weight in check like exercising, diet, medications, surgeries. Some of these methods are helpful, while some of them are harmful to health.

Yo-yo Dieting Can Affect Sleep Patterns And Cause Sleep Disorder In Women

Dieting without proper guidance can be harmful. Surgeries in some people have caused death, or even a reveres effect that is an increase of weight and fat suddenly which will be hard to reduce. Pills also cause harmful effects to the body.

Yo-yo Dieting Can Affect Sleep Patterns And Cause Sleep Disorder In Women

One of the types of dieting is Yo-yo dieting which also known as weight cycling or the yo-yo effect, which is a term coined by Kelly D. Brownwell in reference to the cycling loss of and gain of weight. Here in this process, the dieter initially successfully reduces the weight and eventually the person won’t be able to maintain the weight and hence they will gain the weight and the cycle begins, where they lose the weight and gain, this continues. 

The reason for yo-yo dieting is varied because initially, the dieters may experience elation at the thought of rejecting the food and controlling the urge to eat the food, and because of this, they lose weight but gradually, as time passes, it will be impossible to control the urge to eat the food and reject it which might lead to depression or fatigue, and hence they go back to their old eating habits with the additional nonhealthy foods that might cause the weight gain. This kind of diet can cause food deprivation. As a result, the dieter may experience loss of muscle and body fat during the initial stages of the weight loss phase. The dieter can experience the body’s starvation after the diet is complete, which cause rapid weight gain.

As per the new study conducted, the women who pursue yo-yo dieting are more likely to experience a high risk of insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleep problems. It is also believed that this type of diet can make a person lose and regain up to 10 pounds or more weight when not pregnant. The study included about 500 women who have gone through every stage of adult life. That includes childbearing, premenopausal, menopausal, postmenopausal. About 60% of the women, after identifying the age and ethnicity as a minority, it is found that 72% of women have reported one or more episodes of weight cycling.

According to the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, the women who were assessed initially and again at the end of one year were associated with weight cycling and sleep problems. At both points, women with a history of weight cycling are more likely to experience sleep problems. As per the other reports, it was mentioned that a history of weight cycling was associated with several causes like poor sleep, short sleep duration, worse sleep quality, greater insomnia, greater sleep disturbances, and greater daytime dysfunction, which is common among the U.S.women.

The research also showed that women with episodes of weight cycling were at five times more risk for developing obstructive sleep apnea, which can lead to heart disease, stroke, and other serious heart disorders. It is also believed that being overweight or obese is also one of the causes of increased risk factors for the sleep problem. It is also mentioned that maintaining a stable weight over the health promotes better sleeping health. This research was conducted to promote weight maintenance interventions and cardiovascular health. The researchers also mentioned that there is a need to know how weight loss or gain can affect sleep.

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